Colorado Real Estate Journal: Office & Industrial Quarterly – Workplace Trends: Top Post-Pandemic Workspace Design Changes

Even pre-pandemic, workspace design had evolved significantly in the last decade or so to accommodate for flexibility, commuting and social interactions. We evolved from the strictness
of closed offices, hierarchies and enclosed cubicles to open layouts, disappearing desks, meeting spaces to promote collaboration, the concept of “office culture” and rooms within places of work to promote creative thinking

COVID-19 has turned our working worlds upside down, and we are at a point in history where our needs and expectations have changed fundamentally. Designers and corporations are faced with the opportunity to reimagine what offices will look like in the future. With these demands, our task is to create a successful and safe work environment that encourages joint problem-solving, as well as generating revenue and collaboration so we, as human beings, can continue doing what we do best: Move the world forward.

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