Judy had a long career in banking before coming into the AEC industry. After her banking endeavors Judy purchased a design studio, and as she became involved in construction, quickly realized what a disaster so much of our industry is. As we all know, being on time and under budget on a construction project almost never happens. For most of us, on most projects, the question is never if something will go wrong, but when. Seeing firsthand how projects commonly get bogged down, Judy decided to launch Front Range Design Center as a full entreprise support service for builders, contractors, architects and designers.

FRDC’s services include spec’ing, procurement and logistics, as well as supplying a whole library of building products, with an expansive showroom featuring collections of carpet, flooring, countertops, hundreds of fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, several lines of cabinetry and custom furniture. Judy stresses the importance of planning projects “budget forward” instead of “design forward” in order to set realistic expectations that don’t fall apart later on. With their deep relationships with many building product manufactures, and Judy’s background in banking, they are able to help their clients plan out and execute their projects both financially and logistically and lead them to success.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Judy to uncover the importance of calculating your opportunity costs, of handling the back office portion of your business as efficiently as possible, and of forming the right relationships with the right people to do projects that elevate our clients’ lives and our industry.

You heard it here first — the unsung hero of the living room is the upholstered ottoman.

The upholstered ottoman can be whatever you need it to be – a coffee table (with one of our superhero trays on top), a foot rest, a pull-up seating spot, a stool for a vanity or a console. It’s a useful piece and because it’s an accent, it’s also an opportunity to have some design fun! Use a gorgeous leather, a fabulous magenta velvet, a fabric that matches your wallpaper – it’s only three yards! Let your imagination run wild. Below are some of our current favorite ottomans, all in fun fabrics and finishes. Go for the acrylic legs or the nailheads or … you get the picture.

If you live here you know that the sun in Colorado is strong, strong enough to heat up your house, strong enough to fade your furniture, and strong enough to degrade the alcohol in your home bar.  If you store your liquor in a glass cabinet, or on an open shelf in a sunny corner, the Colorado sun is not your friend.  Design Studio’s interior designers use window treatments to manage the sun.  Whether you prefer elegant draperies or modern, motorized shades, let Design Studio tame that sunshine in your home.  Design Studio’s interior designers can help you find the perfect solution for your taste and your lifestyle. 

Recently, in a client’s living room with a wall of south-facing windows, Design Studio’s interior designers noticed that the hot afternoon sun was shining directly onto the client’s glass front bar cabinet.  Filled with a rare and costly whiskey collection, this cabinet had to be protected, and fast.  Fortunately, our team of interior designers had installed motorized, programmable shades for living room.  The shades were programmed to descend as the sun came across the bar, protecting their whiskey collection and taming the Colorado sun.

Statistically, Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine every year.  This cheerful weather, combined with the higher altitude, make sunglasses very popular.  Your home needs the same level of protection.  Mindful use of window treatments can help your home the same way your sunnies can protect your eyes. 

Recently, Design Studio was host to a Continuing Education event for fellow designers.  The speaker was Greg White from CET & Associates.  CET & Associates provides lighting control solutions that create energy efficient and comfortable environments.  Greg is a fantastic speaker – so much fun that we learned while laughing!  Greg’s presentation taught us creative ways that we can manage sunlight and use it to our best advantage.

As the sun streams into the windows of your house it can affect the temperature – warming things up during the day.  Whether you choose draperies, or motorized and programmable shades, management of the sun’s effect on the temperature can help a homeowner reduce the amount of heat needed in the winter and conversely, the amount of air conditioning needed in the summer months.  Programmable shades allow you to pre-set the perfect moments to add shade or open up to take advantage of the sun.  Just set it and forget it. 

But at the same time, the powerful Colorado sun can fade furniture, rugs, and artwork.  Where and how we allow the sun into our homes matters.  Even sheer draperies or window shades can provide sufficient protection if used correctly. 

Design Studio’s interior designers know the sun here in Colorado.  They are able to specify the window treatment needed to meet overall aesthetic of your home and the goals of managing, and using, the power of the sun.

Special thanks to ASID and Colorado Homes and Lifestyles. See our gallery of the event below.

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Being able to enjoy your home while the remodel is in progress can be a scary idea.

This article is the second of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

Part one of this series covered the initial questions to ask when you’re looking for a general contractor. Part two goes deeper into once you have found a contractor you like, ensuring it’s a great match and that your dream remodel or rebuild is a success. The third part of this series dives into tips if you are planning to live in your space while the sub-contractors are working too.

The contractor you’ve chosen is beginning your remodel job. It’s so exciting—until demo is over and the work looks like it’s slowing down. The subs are smoking outside while you’re drinking your coffee—and you have noticed they are using your bathroom. Now what? If you are planning to live in your space while the subs are at work, here are tips to stay sane:

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Feeling confident that you have an excellent contractor is an essential component of the success of your project.

This article is the second of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

Part one of this series covered the initial questions to ask when you’re looking for a general contractor. This installment goes a step further, addressing how to delve deeper once you have found a contractor you like—to ensure it’s a great match and that your dream remodel or rebuild is a success.

The process of remodeling can be frustrating, scary, and emotionally draining. Nonetheless, your project can be managed so that it is exciting and delivered on time and on budget.

Here’s the inside scoop: Your general contractor should come to the table with the following knowledge and resources from which you, the homeowner, benefit. Be sure to cover the following topics with your general contractor:

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Become a more empowered homeowner with these five expert tips on hiring a professional and qualified contractor.

This article is the first of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

So, you want to remodel your home in some capacity. How do you know how to find highly qualified professionals to make your desired changes? How do you find someone to actually help you articulate your vision and then help you take the necessary steps to make it come to life? 

This has always been a complex process, with decisions at every turn. Home remodeling has become even more complicated by the pressure and unrealistic expectations perpetrated by the myriad of home remodeling shows on television, in which projects occur quickly and for an unrealistic price tag. These shows are enticing with their shiny and swiftly completed projects, but the reality is much more nuanced.

Building codes, materials, product specification differentiation, what makes something builder-grade versus box-store, the ability to assess the quality of the electricians, plumbers, framers, installers, site managers, contractors, architects, electrical/mechanical and structural engineers, designers, and kitchen and bath designers that you will inevitably need to work with… the home improvement industry can be overwhelmingly technical, difficult to understand, and more often than not, not totally transparent. How will you know that the “experts” you hire are qualified, connected to the community, loyal to the local codes, and familiar with the inspectors or at least capable of communicating well on your behalf?

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Break out your boots, stock up on tea and spruce up your home. As we head into Boulder’s coldest time of year, it’s time to embrace all things cozy.

Unlike winterizing your garden or closet, winterizing your home doesn’t warrant a complete overhaul. This month: Our designers offer four simple and subtle ways to warm up the inside without touching the thermostat.

We added a hide rug to warm up this dining room‘s wood floors.

Tactile Textures

When prepping your home for winter months, seek out plush textures that beg to be touched: knotty knits, soft leather, fluffy sheepskin, luxurious velvet. The more your home feels like your favorite sweater, the more you will enjoy your winter environment.


Layer your bed with knit blankets and wool throw pillows

Pull in warm-toned natural accents: brass, copper, wood, leather

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, wrap your headboard in luxe velvet or soft tweed

A wintry-blue throw blanket and a collection of cream pillows add extra comfort to this master bed. View our portfolio to see more of this design. 

Soft Materials

The trick to crafting cozy environments is peppering them with cozy materials. It’s likely not practical to swap out your furniture each season, so consider draping blankets, scattering pillows and layering rugs. Even wicker can be easily warmed up with the right addition of texture.


Drape wood seating with a sheepskin throw

Create a nest of pillows on couch and bed

Use thick rugs to create walkways and nooks throughout the space

From the runner to the cabinets to the books on the shelf, we added splashes of deep red to this kitchen to add warmth throughout.

Cozy Colors

The quickest way to cue winter home is to shift the color palette used inside. When thinking about the soft materials and tactile textures to be sprinkled throughout, choose colors that are similarly inviting.


Use art, accessories, paint and finishes to pull in new colors

Go dark: rich jewel tones, earthy reds and oranges, sophisticated greens

OR, go light. If your basic palette leans towards neutral, adding light grey, pastel pink, oatmeal or winter blue can create a fresh, airy quality.

Durable Stout drapes look stylish and trap heat inside the home. Visit our showroom to browse more of their window coverings. Photo courtesy Stout. 

Change Your View

Windows not only provide a visual connection to cooler environments, but also (in many cases) invite cool air into your home. To warm up your view and boost efficiency, amplify your window treatments.


Swap sheer, flowy fabrics for thick drapes that can be closed at night to retain the heat

Look for thermal shades and/or curtains with detachable thermal panels

Layer, layer, layer. Winter is the perfect time to embrace dual curtain arrangements.


Looking for more design ideas? Contact us.

What’s on your New Year’s resolution list? Chances are it includes a few goals that will lead to a happier, more productive, healthier and better you—splurging on a pilates studio membership, training for your first half marathon, creating a ‘no phones in bed’ policy, practicing meditation for 10 minutes each day, tackling your financial budget.

But what about making a resolution to better your home? After all, it is the place you sleep, relax, eat, bathe, entertain and prepare yourself for whatever the day holds. At Design Studio Interior Solutions, we believe that comfort, function and inspiration within a home ignites the same qualities in other areas of life too.

So whether it’s your year to finally update your master bathroom, reupholster your heirloom sofa, or overhaul your kitchen, our team of skilled designers can help elevate your home—no matter the size or scope of the project.

Follow this list of our Interior Design Resolutions to make your home more distinctive, stylish and cozy in 2019.


1. Get Organized

Organization is key to sanity within a home. When we design a space, one of the most important aspects is creating practical storage spaces that combine function with beauty. We custom design built-in shelving, cabinetry and closets in order to keep clutter at bay and maximize square footage.

“If you’re planning a remodel, really consider what your storage needs are,” advises DSIS Designer Alyssa Wagner. “From a better closet layout to kitchen drawers that keep all of your utensils in place, we can help!”

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2. Resurrect Your Dated Furniture

It’s time to revive the old paisley sofa that’s collecting dust in your garage. With our reupholstering services, you can breathe life into your well-worn pieces with a fresh new fabric from our extensive collection. 

interior design denver


3. Buy for the Long Haul

Great design is worth the investment because it withstands the test of time. If you’re looking for new furniture this year, consider Design Studio Interior Solution’s Private Label collection. Our line of completely customizable sofas, recliners, and chaises are made with care in the U.S. using high-quality manufacturing techniques that will outlast wear and tear.

commercial interior solutions


4. Hit Refresh

Swapping out details such as throw pillows, blankets and rugs is a quick and easy way to re-energize your space. Stop by our 10,000-square-foot showroom in Boulder for a wide range of carefully selected fabrics, flooring, carpet, window coverings, tile and accessories from top vendors around the world. 

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Ready to refresh your home? Contact us today to learn more about our design process and services. We can turn your resolutions into reality.

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