Because you can’t have lifestyle without style.

Whether you are looking for a simple refresh consisting of a piece (or two!) of furniture or accessories, a complete remodel, or an exciting new build, Design Studio Interior Solutions is equipped to help you every step of the way.


An initial introduction to the site begins the process. We collaborate, ask questions, and determine what inspires you. From there, we carefully construct the goals and scope of your project, including how much time it will take.

Phase 1

Part A: Conceptual Overview (Schematic Design)

  • It begins with a kickoff meeting at our Design Center. The agenda may include: discussion of style, colors, areas of focus, priorities, layout and space planning concept and initial budget.
  • Site visit with client takes place.
  • Thematic mood boards with preliminary floor plans and sketches illustrate the possibilities.
  • Once approved we move onto Part B.

Part B: Design Development

  • Time for a deep dive! We delve further into every detail of your project, enabling us to bring to life the concepts outlined in the Conceptual Overview.
  • Product solutions are selected — everything from flooring to light fixtures, plumbing to paint colors, cabinetry, countertops, furniture, and fabrics.
  • Final layout(s) for each area in the projects scope and key finish choices are nailed down. Signed off by client before proceeding to Part C.

Part C: Production and Final Drawing Set

  • Detailed documents and drawings are supplied to the construction team so they can bid based on the finishes you have selected.


If your project does not require the construction components outlined above, the following phase is where you begin. For projects that involve the construction steps listed above, this is your next phase.

Phase 2

  • Scope, budget, and timing are the essential drivers that set the stage for space planning and decorating your home.
  • Next, we match your personal desires, how you live in your space, what you need from it, the style of your home, and the allocated budget for each space with the right manufacturers for you.
  • We generate an initial mood board, which is refined and ultimately approved by you. Specifics for each product are established. From the arm style, frame, finish, and fabric of the sofa to how the room is lit, what type of window treatments work best, the decision to use carpet or area rugs, and what artwork and accessories will serve as the finishing touches to your space — we are here to support you at every turn, whether it be for a single piece or the whole house.
  • A final presentation (complete with renderings, samples, and photos) is submitted to you for your approval.
The Decor Phase


Phase 3

  • Before any item is purchased, you are presented with specification sign-off sheets that detail pertinent product information from color, dimensions, and patterns, to cost and finish. You will see and and approve all invoices and payment will need to be received before ordering to ensure the details are not missed for each product that you have previously approved. Once signed, the procurement begins.
  • Your project manager confirms lead times and logistics are handled with you or your contractor if you are doing a remodel or new build.
  • Receiving, warehousing, and delivery are scheduled and coordinated.
procurement phase