How Design Studio Interior Solutions Mastered Artful Modernity in One Dakota Ridge Project

By Lisa Van Horne – Boulder Lifestyle September 2020

“Art collectors looking to give their home an elegant gallery feel on a North Boulder property with views of gorgeous foothills was a unique project for local Design Studio Interior Solutions, and it represented a master class in executing purposeful design to bring their clients’ distinctive visions into reality.”

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In the building industry, perhaps now more than ever, time is money. Regardless of your role – developer, contractor, designer or architect – time is rarely a luxury your business can afford. This is especially true for firms that are trying to manage multiple projects simultaneously while trying to secure their future project pipeline. Often, these firms have to make the hard choice to focus on one or the other because office personnel don’t have enough bandwidth to effectively do both.

For these businesses, their reputation is on the line with every project. Finding FF&E solutions with speed, accuracy and cost of delivery in a thoughtful, in-budget and managed format ultimately impacts the client experience and their willingness to refer business. Those referrals, in turn, can also help businesses build and sustain a competitive edge.

Organizational efficiencies traditionally come at a high cost because they are often tied to a company’s headcount for back office support and project management bandwidth. For the small to midsize business, it’s a chicken and egg issue.

Do you scale up first so you can grow your business, or do you wait until you have the business and then scramble to find talent?

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Judy had a long career in banking before coming into the AEC industry. After her banking endeavors Judy purchased a design studio, and as she became involved in construction, quickly realized what a disaster so much of our industry is. As we all know, being on time and under budget on a construction project almost never happens. For most of us, on most projects, the question is never if something will go wrong, but when. Seeing firsthand how projects commonly get bogged down, Judy decided to launch Front Range Design Center as a full entreprise support service for builders, contractors, architects and designers.

FRDC’s services include spec’ing, procurement and logistics, as well as supplying a whole library of building products, with an expansive showroom featuring collections of carpet, flooring, countertops, hundreds of fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, several lines of cabinetry and custom furniture. Judy stresses the importance of planning projects “budget forward” instead of “design forward” in order to set realistic expectations that don’t fall apart later on. With their deep relationships with many building product manufactures, and Judy’s background in banking, they are able to help their clients plan out and execute their projects both financially and logistically and lead them to success.

Join Devon as he goes on a journey with Judy to uncover the importance of calculating your opportunity costs, of handling the back office portion of your business as efficiently as possible, and of forming the right relationships with the right people to do projects that elevate our clients’ lives and our industry.

Sick of staring at your own walls?

By Monica Parpal Stockbridge – Colorado Traveler Magazine May 2020

Due to COVID-19, many of us have been spending a lot more time in our own homes. And while restrictions are beginning to lift, we’re not through this thing yet. Before we can get back to planning our summer trips and social events, we might be facing a little more time inside.

As a result, we may be thinking about finally repainting that room, or updating that furniture we’ve always hated. But before you do anything drastic, take a few pointers from an expert.

See what our owner, Judy, had to say!

Beautiful Boulder Master Bathroom remodel and wallpaper

An unexpected mural brings Boulder’s iconic landscape inside.

By Daliah Singer – 5280 Home February/March 2020

The Flatirons aren’t just outside this Boulder home—they’re also at the top of the stairs. Local artist Sarah Spencer hand-painted an impressionistic mural of the iconic sandstone formations on the back wall of this master bathroom for an outdoorsy couple who embrace the juxtaposition of clean, contemporary lines with vibrant bursts of color.

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Statistically, Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine every year.  This cheerful weather, combined with the higher altitude, make sunglasses very popular.  Your home needs the same level of protection.  Mindful use of window treatments can help your home the same way your sunnies can protect your eyes. 

Recently, Design Studio was host to a Continuing Education event for fellow designers.  The speaker was Greg White from CET & Associates.  CET & Associates provides lighting control solutions that create energy efficient and comfortable environments.  Greg is a fantastic speaker – so much fun that we learned while laughing!  Greg’s presentation taught us creative ways that we can manage sunlight and use it to our best advantage.

As the sun streams into the windows of your house it can affect the temperature – warming things up during the day.  Whether you choose draperies, or motorized and programmable shades, management of the sun’s effect on the temperature can help a homeowner reduce the amount of heat needed in the winter and conversely, the amount of air conditioning needed in the summer months.  Programmable shades allow you to pre-set the perfect moments to add shade or open up to take advantage of the sun.  Just set it and forget it. 

But at the same time, the powerful Colorado sun can fade furniture, rugs, and artwork.  Where and how we allow the sun into our homes matters.  Even sheer draperies or window shades can provide sufficient protection if used correctly. 

Design Studio’s interior designers know the sun here in Colorado.  They are able to specify the window treatment needed to meet overall aesthetic of your home and the goals of managing, and using, the power of the sun.

Special thanks to ASID and Colorado Homes and Lifestyles. See our gallery of the event below.

contemporary new build living room design

Being able to enjoy your home while the remodel is in progress can be a scary idea.

This article is the second of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

Part one of this series covered the initial questions to ask when you’re looking for a general contractor. Part two goes deeper into once you have found a contractor you like, ensuring it’s a great match and that your dream remodel or rebuild is a success. The third part of this series dives into tips if you are planning to live in your space while the sub-contractors are working too.

The contractor you’ve chosen is beginning your remodel job. It’s so exciting—until demo is over and the work looks like it’s slowing down. The subs are smoking outside while you’re drinking your coffee—and you have noticed they are using your bathroom. Now what? If you are planning to live in your space while the subs are at work, here are tips to stay sane:

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Feeling confident that you have an excellent contractor is an essential component of the success of your project.

This article is the second of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

Part one of this series covered the initial questions to ask when you’re looking for a general contractor. This installment goes a step further, addressing how to delve deeper once you have found a contractor you like—to ensure it’s a great match and that your dream remodel or rebuild is a success.

The process of remodeling can be frustrating, scary, and emotionally draining. Nonetheless, your project can be managed so that it is exciting and delivered on time and on budget.

Here’s the inside scoop: Your general contractor should come to the table with the following knowledge and resources from which you, the homeowner, benefit. Be sure to cover the following topics with your general contractor:

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Judy Goldman’s bold and savvy aesthetic, her visionary business model and her deep dedication to women’s empowerment define her leadership at Design Studio and FRDC. She draws from her extensive, three decades-plus experience in the finance and business worlds, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from NYC to Boston, and now Colorado.

At Design Studio, Judy’s philosophical and practical framework is summed up as Creative Mechanics. Phenomenal creators work in a structured environment with processes, systems, and best practices in place that become intrinsic.

This elevates creative power, enabling her innovative team to perform at the highest level, resulting in highly successful projects, exceptional client service, and award-winning design.

Judy was awarded Rising Star by ColoradoBiz magazine, having tripled her year-over-year revenue growth. Design Studio is also included in their list of Top 100 woman-owned businesses.

Engaged in multiple charitable and philanthropic endeavors, Judy is committed to supporting and serving the larger community, both locally and around the globe.

Looking for inspiration for your new or existing home? Look no further than Design Studio.

Design Studio, owned by Judy Goldman, is a luxury, full-service residential and commercial firm located in Boulder. The 6,000 square foot space includes a materials library and the design studio. But, perhaps the gem that shines brightest is its retail showroom.

When you walk into the Design Studio showroom, the furniture, accessories and artwork stop you in your tracks. The pieces are distinctive the colors are luscious, and the fabrics are luxurious. The ambiance is tempting and inspiring; the vignettes allow you to dream.

Design Studio carries several collections of furniture, suitable for every taste, which are customizable with hundreds of fabrics in a rainbow of colors and textures available in the showroom. Design Studio also carries the furniture line James by Jimmy DeLaurentis. This stunning new collection of pieces – in emerald, tangerine and juniper velvets – isadelight for the eye.

The showroom is replete with furnishings, rugs, accessories and art, from around the country and around the world. Design Studio’s outstanding team has curated an array of handpicked sofas, chairs and tables for an broad range of styles and tastes. There are also wonderful candlesticks, vases, trays, napkins, throw pillows and other delicious accessories that are perfect gifts for every occasion.

“The fun of our showroom is the variety of products that we carry and the mix of styles we present,” offered Victoria Maxwell, the showroom’s director. “The showroom at Design Studio is a place to visit, explore, shop and let your dreams come to life.”

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