Somebody to Lean On: FRDC in the Colorado Real Estate Journal

Warehouse entrance

“Building Dialogue,” Colorado Real Estate Journal, June 2020

In the building industry, perhaps now more than ever, time is money. Regardless of your role – developer, contractor, designer, or architect – time is rarely a luxury your business can afford. This is especially true for firms that are trying to manage multiple projects simultaneously while trying to secure their future project pipeline. Often, these firms have to make the hard choice to focus on one or the other because office personnel don’t have enough bandwidth to effectively do both.

For these businesses, their reputation is on the line with every project. Finding FF&E solutions with speed, accuracy, and cost of delivery in a thoughtful, in-budget, and managed format ultimately impacts the client experience and their willingness to refer business. Those referrals, in turn, can also help businesses build and sustain a competitive edge.

Organizational efficiencies traditionally come at a high cost because they are often tied to a company’s headcount for back-office support and project management bandwidth. For the small to midsize business, it’s a chicken and egg issue.

Do you scale up first so you can grow your business, or do you wait until you have the business and then scramble to find talent?

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