Great Remodeling Choices 101: How to Weather Living in a Construction Zone

Being able to enjoy your home while the remodel is in progress can be a scary idea.

This article is the second of a four-part series about making smart decisions before embarking on your home remodel project.

Part one of this series covered the initial questions to ask when you’re looking for a general contractor. Part two goes deeper into once you have found a contractor you like, ensuring it’s a great match and that your dream remodel or rebuild is a success. The third part of this series dives into tips if you are planning to live in your space while the sub-contractors are working too.

The contractor you’ve chosen is beginning your remodel job. It’s so exciting—until demo is over and the work looks like it’s slowing down. The subs are smoking outside while you’re drinking your coffee—and you have noticed they are using your bathroom. Now what? If you are planning to live in your space while the subs are at work, here are tips to stay sane:

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