A Home That Tells a Story

Houses are truly made into homes through the efforts of the owners to not just personalize, but fully invest themselves in creating spaces that tell a unique story. Few houses exhibit this transition like this Boulder home remodel. Striking a balance between grandeur and detail, practicality and creativity, this Boulder home shines in its deliberate design, careful craftsmanship and the family story it represents.

A multi-year project, this venture was a collaborative design effort between Judy Goldman, homeowner and owner of Design Studio Interior Solutions, architect Leonard Thomas of Urban West Studio, and the framing team at Gilbert & Sons. Requiring drastic structural changes to fully realize the home’s expansive views while maintaining an intimate, inviting feel, the previous home was stripped to its two-by-fours and rebuilt with family, comfort and individuality in mind.

“This home was created with such heart,” says Goldman. “As people walk through it, I wanted to create subtle, yet powerful wow moments that would make them feel surprised and embraced by the space at the same time.”

Focusing on creating cozy, comfortable spaces within an open architectural plan, each room uniquely engages its occupants. The home also emphasizes the connections between its indoor and outdoor spaces, creating design continuity with features like the steel of the indoor staircase and banisters mirrored on the outdoor decks, and the main floor ceiling wooden beams that stretch unencumbered to the outdoor covered deck.

Aside from the stunning views overlooking Boulder and beyond, deliberately chosen design details also create moments of pause and awe throughout the home. From the energetic red of the glass tile in the guest bathroom to the recycled stoplight glass Vetrazzo countertops in the butler’s pantry, each unique element is understated, yet impactful.

The true beauty of the home also lies in how wholly it embodies the lifestyle and experiences, past and present, of the homeowners.

“This home truly tells the story of our lives,” says Goldman. “When people are in it, I want them to feel they’re part of it and experiencing that story themselves.”

Housing a unique art collection inspired by the owner’s world travels, the home is full of marquee elements that directly translate to a vacation, an excursion, an adventure. Perhaps the most notable of these details is the Murano glass chandelier extending from the top to nearly the bottom of the three-story staircase. Commissioned by Schiavon Massimiliano Art Team, this piece was designed by the family while on a trip to northern Italy. Each colorful disc is handmade, unique and illuminated with LED lights, making the experience of just being in the stairwell grand and enveloping.

It’s this type of storytelling and individuality through design that Goldman looks to embody both in her own home and in her work at Design Studio Interior Solutions. Frequently hosting events for various local nonprofit organizations, Goldman hopes that her home embodies the same warmth and welcoming that she and her family feel they’ve found here in Colorado.