You HAVE to See this Custom Bathroom Remodel

Last year, a Boulder-based client came to us with a fully-custom master bathroom in mind. Their existing master space, built in the 1990’s, came complete with a non-functional layout, very little storage, a small shower, and a bulky built-in tiled bathtub. The faux-Tuscan decor didn’t align with the homeowners’ usual clean, simple, and modern stylistic preferences.

When a client comes to Design Studio seeing a custom home redesign, they usually already have a few pain points in mind: The need for more space, more storage; the need for additional bathrooms; the need for a more open floor plan. When new clients bring these concerns to the table, we always see them as an opportunity rather than a challenge— an opportunity to deliver our clients their dream home, and really exercise our design expertise in order to make it happen.

The new design had to fit within the existing footprint while ticking all the boxes. The homeowners needed maximal storage, plenty of space for a free-standing bathtub and a large shower, and necessary accommodations for the height difference between the husband and wife. The homeowners also wanted to brighten up the space and create a light, open feel.

Our designers knew right away there would be some obstacles with the provided space. The clients expressed concerns about the lack of lighting, as the home’s north-facing window only allowed for sunlight in the late afternoon. Our workaround: A variety of lighting sources to help illuminate the space. A drum light in the center of the room provides the main source of light, while sconces flank the mirror to provide bright reflection for morning routines.

To achieve their vision of spaciousness, Design Studio integrated floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create the feeling of height and create storage; designed a free-floating vanity to lighten up the space; and installed custom cabinetry in a light gray tone with plenty of storage space. Built-in storage options also included special rollout trays for organization.

The space is grounded with light colors, including a soft-green ceramic tile shower floor, gray walls and floors and custom grey stained cabinets. The more contemporary materials used —tile, tub, shower door, fixtures— are low-maintenance but stylish, and the overall color palette is calm, quiet and relaxing, eliminating that bulky retro 1990’s aesthetic. Most importantly, the light and accessible color palette won’t become dated in the next few years, and the couple will be able to enjoy this space comfortably for years to come.