Warming Up The Inside

Break out your boots, stock up on tea and spruce up your home. As we head into Boulder’s coldest time of year, it’s time to embrace all things cozy.

Unlike winterizing your garden or closet, winterizing your home doesn’t warrant a complete overhaul. This month: Our designers offer four simple and subtle ways to warm up the inside without touching the thermostat.We added a hide rug to warm up this dining room’s wood floors.

Tactile Textures

When prepping your home for winter months, seek out plush textures that beg to be touched: knotty knits, soft leather, fluffy sheepskin, luxurious velvet. The more your home feels like your favorite sweater, the more you will enjoy your winter environment.


Layer your bed with knit blankets and wool throw pillows

Pull in warm-toned natural accents: brass, copper, wood, leather

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, wrap your headboard in luxe velvet or soft tweed


A wintry-blue throw blanket and a collection of cream pillows add extra comfort to this master bed. View our portfolio to see more of this design. 

Soft Materials

The trick to crafting cozy environments is peppering them with cozy materials. It’s likely not practical to swap out your furniture each season, so consider draping blankets, scattering pillows and layering rugs. Even wicker can be easily warmed up with the right addition of texture.


Drape wood seating with a sheepskin throw

Create a nest of pillows on couch and bed

Use thick rugs to create walkways and nooks throughout the space


From the runner to the cabinets to the books on the shelf, we added splashes of deep red to this kitchen to add warmth throughout.

Cozy Colors

The quickest way to cue winter home is to shift the color palette used inside. When thinking about the soft materials and tactile textures to be sprinkled throughout, choose colors that are similarly inviting.


Use art, accessories, paint and finishes to pull in new colors

Go dark: rich jewel tones, earthy reds and oranges, sophisticated greens

OR, go light. If your basic palette leans towards neutral, adding light grey, pastel pink, oatmeal or winter blue can create a fresh, airy quality.

Durable Stout drapes look stylish and trap heat inside the home. Visit our showroom to browse more of their window coverings. Photo courtesy Stout. 

Change Your View

Windows not only provide a visual connection to cooler environments, but also (in many cases) invite cool air into your home. To warm up your view and boost efficiency, amplify your window treatments.


Swap sheer, flowy fabrics for thick drapes that can be closed at night to retain the heat

Look for thermal shades and/or curtains with detachable thermal panels

Layer, layer, layer. Winter is the perfect time to embrace dual curtain arrangements.

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