Top 6 Tips for Your Kitchen Remodel

We all fantasize about updating our kitchens to the perfect space to cook and entertain – the right cabinets, the most beautiful countertops, the complementary backsplash.  But when you get down to it, we want our kitchens to be efficient, organized, and full of storage for every item in our cooking arsenals.

So we asked our in-house kitchen & bath designer, Jennifer Lansing of Design Studio Interior Solutions, for her inside tips on the latest and greatest elements that will not only make your kitchen look great but will ensure that it functions smoothly and easily.

Steam Ovens

A better and healthier option than a microwave, steam ovens cook foods like vegetables, proteins and starches without compromising the texture and taste. They also leave all the original nutrients in. By adding steam when roasting you’ll get meat that’s perfectly moist on the inside but crispy on the outside. It’s also great for baking cakes and breads. Reheating with steam takes longer than a microwave, however the food is moist as if you had just prepared it.

Euro-Style Cabinets

Frameless cabinetry offers 15% more interior storage in the same amount of space as framed cabinets.

Drawer Dividers

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These keep every piece of cutlery and every utensil in its place. Add these to your cabinet ordered for seamless style. Need we say more?

Butler’s Pantry

Not everyone has the space for a Butler’s Pantry but if you can carve out a location, this kind of storage can be life-changing. It provides additional storage space away from the main kitchen area; hides your food prep mess from guests when entertaining; these spaces allow you to better organize your glassware, china, silverware, and other utensils; they are a luxury that adds value to your home.

Tray Dividers

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Tray Dividers are helpful for keeping your cookie sheets, platters and trays upright and neat. Often installed in that awkward space above the refrigerator, or above the double ovens, tray dividers allow you to see and reach for the exact piece that you wish to use. The others remain neatly standing and supported.

Beverage Centers

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Coffee, smoothies, tea, or wine, these handy areas take the preparation of your daily beverage out of the flow of the main kitchen. A complete beverage center should include an under-counter refrigerator, a sink, pull-out trash, and storage for glassware and utensils. If you are tight on space you can consider adding this to your walk-in pantry area.