It’s a new season, and that means there is a new batch of fresh, inspiring design trends on the rise. So far this year, we have seen a stylistic inclination toward 3 bold, beautiful, and accessible trends: The revival of jewel tones, botanically-inspired textiles, and textural layering.

Jewel Tones

Long gone are the days of dreary grey, black, and white interiors with minimal accessories. Spring/Summer 2018 is all about maximalism and color! Jewel tones are coming back on the scene ranging from bold amethyst and sapphire, to deep emerald and gold.

Botanically Inspired

Spring/Summer 2018 is also a call to nature. Botanical inspired textiles and colors are taking over the scene. We are seeing crisp, white interiors with natural wood accents and the integration of lots of plants!

Light and bright interiors are being accentuated by fun woven textured furnishings and organically shaped accessories. Shades of green are becoming the favored accent color for these carefree, global-inspired spaces.

Layering Textures

We are also seeing an inclination towards layering textures, both natural and man-made. This new, bohemian-esque style is characterized by woven textures, natural color palettes, and animal prints/textures. Layering textiles such as rugs and cushions is also becoming very prominent in living spaces. We are seeing a return to hand-crafted goods and a focus on natural materials.

Alternately, rigid metal forms are being paired with soft, draped leather to create unexpected though exhilarating designs. This is the perfect example of utilizing mixed materials, allowing them to merge together in perfect harmony.

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