Saving Cocktail Hour: Taming the Colorado Sun

If you live here you know that the sun in Colorado is strong, strong enough to heat up your house, strong enough to fade your furniture, and strong enough to degrade the alcohol in your home bar.  If you store your liquor in a glass cabinet, or on an open shelf in a sunny corner, the Colorado sun is not your friend.  Design Studio’s interior designers use window treatments to manage the sun.  Whether you prefer elegant draperies or modern, motorized shades, let Design Studio tame that sunshine in your home.  Design Studio’s interior designers can help you find the perfect solution for your taste and your lifestyle.

Recently, in a client’s living room with a wall of south-facing windows, Design Studio’s interior designers noticed that the hot afternoon sun was shining directly onto the client’s glass front bar cabinet. Filled with a rare and costly whiskey collection, this cabinet had to be protected, and fast. Fortunately, our team of interior designers had installed motorized, programmable shades for living room. The shades were programmed to descend as the sun came across the bar, protecting their whiskey collection and taming the Colorado sun.