Color is paramount to interior design. The right shades enhance a home’s tone and ambiance, accentuate architectural elements, and add vibrance and playfulness to a space; while the wrong shades can make an entire room feel off or unsettling.


Our design team stays tuned in to trend forecasts from industry-leading color creators so that we can accurately source the shades that provide comfort and personality our clients’ homes. With a new year right around the corner, we’re focusing on the 2019 Colors of the Year from Pantone and top paint suppliers. From deep slate blue to soothing gray to punchy peach, each color pick is drastically different, but could work beautifully with the right application.


Which colors would you choose for your home?

Behr: Blueprint S470-5

“Warmer than denim and softer than navy,” this mid-tone takes its inspiration from ocean waves and foggy cityscapes. Its timeless nature allows it to be paired with a variety of palettes—from earth and jewel tones to pastels. We think it would be a good fit for an accent wall in a bedroom or for cabinetry in an otherwise all-white kitchen.


Pantone: Living Coral

Pantone is known internationally as the world-renowned authority on color, so their Color of the Year is always highly anticipated. 2019’s chosen color is a coral hue with a golden undertone that’s engaging, spirited and optimistic. Too overpowering to cover an entire wall, we see it as the perfect fit for accessories, throw pillows and within textile patterns balanced by a more grounded shade.


Sherwin Williams: Cavern Clay SW7701

This earthy terracotta shade nods to 1970s style and the American Southwest. Its bohemian flair most obviously pairs well with Navajo-inspired prints, leather, rattan and desert plants, but it could also be used to warm up the sleek white-and-gray palettes that have been popular in recent years.


Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan AF-690

The most neutral hue of the bunch, Metropolitan is a sophisticated gray meant to evoke a sense of calm. It’s a great alternative to the all-white-everything trend, as it works well as an all-over paint color but does so with warmth and understated elegance. We love this as a relaxing bedroom shade, paired with navy blues, emerald greens or blush pinks.


Looking to add more color to your home? Contact us to help perfect your palette.

The dining table is the main stage of a holiday production, where family and friends gather to imbibe, feast, share stories and make memories. So whether you’re hosting two or 20, we know how important it is to have a table dressed for the occasion.

For holiday parties, even your dream dining room will need some additional design details for extra personality and festive style. We broke the perfect holiday table down into three key design elements (flowers, tabletop decor, and the star of the show—delicious food), as well as our favorite places in Boulder to find each piece. And in case you aren’t on the party-planning committee this year, we’ve also provided a few local shops where you can find a hostess gift that wows.



Photo Courtesy of Fawns Leap

A beautiful bouquet never goes out of style. Flower arrangements are one of the easiest ways to instantly add life, earthiness and elegance to any table. Large centerpieces may get in the way of conversation and passing entrees during the holidays, so opt for a group of short, mini bouquets or a sprinkling of petals or festive garland instead.

Our favorite Boulder florists:

Boulder Blooms for artistic and eclectic seasonal arrangements

Fawns Leap for modern centerpieces in stylish vessels

Fiori Flowers for custom designs and daily delivery


Tabletop Decor

From tablecloth and runner to napkins and silverware, tabletop accessories allow you to customize your holiday spread to match your theme or inspiration. We suggest sticking to three colors—one neutral, one bold, one accent—and search for coordinating pieces in within that spectrum. Keep in mind that sometimes simple designs are the most stunning, especially to calm the chaos of a big crowd.

Stop by our showroom to browse our wide selection of antique silverplate and tabletop accessories, or peruse some of our favorite home decor shops in the neighborhood:

Cedar & Hyde Mercantile for organic ceramic dishware and bohemian tablecloths

Voss Art & Home for art-inspired serving plates and chargers

Bliss Boulder for unique homewares with extra spunk

Cloth & Gold for those who want their Martha Stewart moment without the hassle or cost. This company offers a selection of rentable tablescapes, and they even do the clean up for you.

Peppercorn for classic dinnerware and kitchen tools


Delicious Bites

Photo Courtesy of Cured

While the main course will most likely be homemade, we suggest store-bought starters and sides to save time and stress. Luckily, Boulder is home to many culinary shops serving artisanal spreads that not only taste amazing, they also double as artistic centerpieces.

Our Boulder favorites:

Cured for premade charcuterie boards featuring fine meats and cheeses sourced all over the globe

Moxie Bread Co. for rustic breads and pastries, as well as fresh, ingredient-driven salads


Hostess Gifts

Photo Courtesy of Alpine Modern

A bottle of wine is a great go-to dinner party gift, but if you’re on the hunt for something that will impress a design-savvy host, look no further than these local shops specializing in thoughtful gifts and accessories.

Haven for a curated mix of beauty products, pantry goods and gift boxes

Alpine Modern for stylish essentials and modern home accessories

Two Hands Paperie for artful journals, stationery and thank you cards


Whether you are a skilled chef or haven’t quite mastered the art of the grilled cheese, no cook’s kitchen is complete without proper lighting. Of course, lighting is key to the functionality and design of any room in a home, but in a space that’s as technical as a kitchen—where activities include chopping, recipe-reading, plating, serving, pouring, conversing and digging in—it’s especially important.

So how do you design a well-lit and efficient kitchen worthy of the title “heart of the home”? It might be more complicated than you think.

When designing a client’s home, Design Studio implements three types of kitchen lighting: overhead, task and accent. Each of these sources serves a different yet equally important purpose, and we don’t consider a kitchen complete without the entire trifecta.

Here are three types of kitchen lighting you need to consider:



The bones of kitchen lighting, overhead lighting illuminates the bulk of the space, and is typically the first switch you reach for when entering your kitchen. This is often a series of bulbs recessed into the ceiling for a clean, no-frills look, or a grouping of simple flush-mount fixtures.



It might not be the sexiest type of kitchen lighting, but task lighting is essential to a functional kitchen. Typically hidden from the naked eye, task lighting is installed under cabinets and range hoods or even within pantries and cupboards so you can easily spotlight the small area you’re working in or quickly access ingredients and cooking tools. LED lights, the newest trend in kitchen lighting, work perfectly as under-cabinet task lights. LED bulbs are long-lasting, energy-efficient and give off almost no heat, making them a go-to product for reducing fire risk in the kitchen.



We like to refer to this type of lighting as the “jewelry” of the kitchen. Accent lighting can take the form of sconces, chandeliers, or our personal favorite—pendants suspended over prep islands or kitchen tables. Whether you go for glitzed-out or classic-chic, accent lighting allows your personal style to shine and creates a focal point for the room.


Ready to get cooking? We have a team of highly skilled interior designers are here to help you help properly illuminate your kitchen or tackle a full design or remodel. Stop by our Boulder Design Center today to meet with a design professional or browse our sourcing room with details on hundreds of light fixtures in an array of styles. Bon appétit!

A perfect pairing of high fashion and high design comes to Design Studio Interior Solutions for three days September 17-19.

Join us in welcoming fashion legend Nina McLemore’s line into our new Boulder headquarters during an exclusive trunk show of her Fall 2018-19 collection.

Our CEO, Judy Goldman, fell in love with Nina’s clothing on a trip to Vail. She was immediately struck not only by the bold colors, but also the beautiful fabric, incredible cuts, and the thought process behind Nina’s designs.

We invite you to join us for this By Appointment Only Trunk Show.

Please RSVP to Stephanie Pulkrabek, (970) 476-4809,

Times Available: 9am-5pm
September 17, 18, 19
5400 Spine Rd., Suite A, Boulder
Light refreshments will be served.

What Makes Nina Different?
Nina McLemore is a fashion legend. After launching Liz Claiborne accessories, she went on to get an MBA from Columbia University and worked in venture capital and private equity before founding her namesake label.

Today the collection is worn by such celebrated women as Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett.

The Clothing
Crafted from exquisite fabrics like Asian silks and Italian crepe, Nina designs her pieces to address the needs of senior professional and executive women and those who are active in their communities around the world.

“There is a significant void in the apparel industry for women who want beautiful, elegant, colorful, well-made clothing that fits and is appropriate for their position and lifestyle,” says a Nina McLemore.

Made in New York, the clothes are designed to take a woman through all aspects of her life—day, evening and leisure with a strong focus on travel.

It’s All in the Cut
Nina designs her pieces not only to balance out a woman’s proportions or distract from problem areas — but to communicate power.

Her signature jackets are cut with a narrow shoulder but a full back. “Women are self-conscious about the shoulders being too big,” she says. But a woman’s got to be able to raise a gavel or gesture emphatically, so McLemore eschews the tight, high armholes favored by high-end designers.

Her sleeves run about an inch longer than average, and she crafts 2½ -inch lined cuffs so a woman can turn them up in a get-to-work posture. This aesthetic quirk also allows women to buy them off the rack, without seeing a tailor to adjust the sleeve length.

Her collection is available nationwide through 14 Nina McLemore stores, exclusive local sales consultants, the internet, and specialty stores.


Additional Details

The designs are simple, modern and timeless for a look that is chic and understated and appropriate for business, casual and evening.

Luxury fabrics
Beautiful and distinctive European fabrics in natural fibers and fine Asian silks.

Nina is known for color. She hand selects the best, most vibrant and flattering colors each season.

A tremendous emphasis is put on fit in the collection. With several different silhouettes in both jackets and pants, we fit every body type.

All fabric is wear-tested for maximum comfort and durability. We design for the woman on the go. Our collection is perfect for travel.

The Sales Staff is trained by Nina herself in both fit and fabric. Our consultants are service oriented and make shopping an easy and fun experience with flexible appointments.

We hope you will join us for this exclusive event and see for yourself why Nina is such a celebrated label.

Think about the qualities you want in an ideal partner. Chances are they’re successful, a good communicator, trustworthy, financially stable, and willing to have fun and take risks… ringing any bells?

Now think about the qualities you want in an interior designer—the similarities are uncanny, right? Creating your dream home is an intimate, time-intensive process that’s not for the faint of heart, which is exactly why finding an interior designer you can trust takes a lot more effort than swiping right or left. It takes thorough research, heavy vetting, and some serious courtship.

In this guide, we outline the top five things you should do while hunting for your happily ever after.


1. Create a realistic budget.

Budget is one of the first things to establish when planning your future home or remodel. 

living room interior

But, as is with any relationship, it’s important to be honest with yourself and your potential design match.

If you can’t afford a $10,000 kitchen table at the moment, that’s totally fine, but needs to be communicated in order to avoid having to have an awkward conversation down the line. Establishing a number before meeting with designers will give both sides of the discussion a sense of clarity and more confidence on whether or not to commit to date number two. While most designers will be happy to adapt to your budget, others may come with a more strict baseline.


2. Identify your style match.

In today’s HGTV-obsessed world, sometimes figuring out what style you’re going for can be overwhelming. The options and possibilities seem endless. We suggest spending some time with Pinterest, design blogs, and good old-fashioned shelter magazines before you start looking for a designer.

furnitureAny time you flip or scroll past an image that gives you butterflies, rip it out, save it in a folder, or pin it. This record will soon turn into your style profile, and will come in handy when meeting with designers later on. (On the flip side, you can even file away images that make you cringe in a separate folder, so your designer can also get a better feel for what styles to avoid.)

After developing your own style wishlist, search for designers in your area who have similar taste. Many designers are willing to be flexible in style from project to project, but pay attention to the mood and feeling that their designs create. Do you like their use of color? Do they offer quality, custom finishes, and furnishings? Does each space feel inviting and comfortable? Spend some time on the designer’s website and get to know their style and approach in order to avoid going into the first date blind.


3. Be resourceful.

A Google search is always a good starting point for navigating the designer matchmaking process, but don’t forget to use your web of friends, family, and colleagues as well. If you walk into a friend’s home and love the way it looks, ask them who the key players were in the design and what the pros and cons were of working with them. Finding a designer who has already been vetted by someone you love and trust may cut out a good chunk of time spent searching for the right fit.


4. Consider your communication strategy.

Are you someone who likes to know the status of every single detail, or would you rather take a more hands-off approach? Figure out how involved you would like to be in the process, and then communicate your expectations with your potential designer.

Make sure you ask about their expectations as well—are they open to texts when an idea hits late at night, video chats, in-person walk-throughs? Communication can make or break any relationship, so it’s important to find someone who makes it effortless and fun.


5. Weigh your options, but go with your gut.

So you finally made it to the first meeting and the mood is just right, the conversation is bathroom interiorseamless, and you’re feeling giddy about the future. That’s great! But don’t dive in just yet. It’s important to weigh your options and meet with a few designers before you commit to a lifetime—err, a project—together. This will give you a clear conscience and help you choose an option with confidence. If after you’ve met with two or three designers and you still can’t get the first person out of your head, trust that gut instinct and take the next step. Mazel!


Your lifestyle, your family, your personality, and your style are unique and personal, so your home should be too. Finding a designer is about so much more than talent, it’s about choosing someone who takes the time to understand those intricacies that will make your future house feel like home.

At Design Studio, we pride ourselves in building lasting relationships with our clients and making the design process exciting and easy from the first meetups to the big reveal. If that sounds like a match for you, stop by our Boulder showroom, call us at 303-652-1727, or send us a love letter at

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s tempting to go with the option that provides instant gratification.

Sometimes it feels as if we barely have enough time to unwrap a granola bar for lunch, let alone make a family meal from scratch. But when it comes to buying furniture, purchasing pieces from a chain retail store often means sacrificing comfort and durability, and ends with dropping that impulse-buy couch at the dump after only a few years of use.

Taking the time upfront to choose thoughtful, quality-made pieces that are built to last is not only beneficial to your space, it’s better for the environment and can actually save you money and stress in the long run.

How does it save you money? The pieces aren’t necessarily less expensive than the big box stores, but lines like our Design Studios Private Label were designed with sustainability, quality materials, and customized craftsmanship at the core of its mission.

You can also create 100% custom, one-of-a-kind upholstered pieces that last a lifetime, which means you will have to buy less pieces over time, and ultimately realize savings.

But don’t take our word for it, here, we provide four reasons why our Private Label is the best choice when picking your next signature sofa, recliner, chaise, bar stools or headboard.

Mother Nature approves

According to the EPA, furniture is the number one least-recycled item in a household, and furniture waste accounts for millions of tons of trash each year. We don’t believe in filling landfills with the disposable furniture that’s being sold at a lot of retail stores.

Crafted by a premier furniture manufacturer, our Private Label furniture is made with solid hardwood (not the particle board or plywood often used commercially) and is built to outlast wear and tear, so your custom-made chair can survive multiple moves and generations. That’s something we can all stand behind.

It’s tailored to you

You don’t want to wear the same dress as someone else at the party, so why would you want the same exact sofa your neighbor has?

We work with you from the very beginning to tailor each piece of furniture to your space, family, and style. With our Design Studios Private Label line, customers can choose from thousands of fabric options in a variety of textures and patterns, and can customize each piece down to the type of cushion and shape of the armrests. In addition, customers can provide specific measurements for furniture that fits perfectly in every nook. This results in a meaningful, one-of-a-kind piece that’s bound to be a conversation-starter.

Always made in the U.S.

We proudly partner with a U.S. manufacturer that’s been crafting quality furniture in North Carolina for more than 15 years. They work with quality materials from the inside out: solid hardwoods, comfortable foams and feathers, and hand-tied coiling for extra durability. You can’t beat American made.

It outlives trends

While we’re committed to providing clients with timeless furnishings that they’ll love for years to come, we also realize that the style you love now might not be your style for life. That’s why with our Private Label line, we offer full reupholstering services so you can switch to a fresh fabric just in case you outgrow the pattern or color you pick now.

Eco-friendly. Exclusive. American made. Timeless. Need we say more? For more information about our Private Label line, call us or stop by our 6,000-square-foot showroom in north Boulder, where one of our skilled designers will walk you through each step of the process—from helping you select a custom fabric or finish that exemplifies your style and suits your budget, to scheduling a home delivery date. Let’s make your dream space a reality.

Proof that hard work, sleepless nights, dedication, and an unflinching desire for success can and will pay off, Design Studio’s CEO Judy Goldman recently stepped on stage to receive the award for “Rising Star” during the ColoradoBIZ Magazine’s reveal of their annual list of
Top Woman-Owned Companies in Colorado.

Our rapidly growing company came in 87th, a significant accomplishment since Judy, acquired the business in 2016.

What’s the secret to Design Studio’s success?

Our talented, passionate, and dedicated women-led creative team whose focus is building strong and lasting client relationships.

“Design Studio was founded with a vision of providing women a place to find their life’s purpose and mission through feeling supported, trained and most importantly, empowered,” says Judy. “By investing in our employees, we’re creating an environment where they will be dedicated to the long-term view of the company and furthering their careers doing great work.”

Judy’s structured approach to team support and growth has been a notable factor in our company’s success, including a full operations, logistics, and front office team to help support the designers.

“We all collaborate and are committed to teamwork. In my experience, it’s having these core values of support and collaboration that propels success,” adds Judy. “While it is exciting to be recognized for our business growth, it came from true hard work. This was truly a team effort and a perfect example of why meaning and purpose are critical to success.”

In addition to her efforts with Design Studio, Judy works with young women at the University of Denver’s Rising Women program where she helps guide young women looking to prepare for life in the workforce.

“We need to empower the next generation to be successful in whatever career field they choose,” Judy continues. “One of the biggest ways female business leaders can give back is by sharing their knowledge and mentor younger generations to own a seat at the table.”

To see the full listings of ColoradoBIZ’s Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies, visit Colorado Business Mag here.

Last year, a Boulder-based client came to us with a fully-custom master bathroom in mind. Their existing master space, built in the 1990’s, came complete with a non-functional layout, very little storage, a small shower, and a bulky built-in tiled bathtub. The faux-Tuscan decor didn’t align with the homeowners’ usual clean, simple, and modern stylistic preferences.

When a client comes to Design Studio seeing a custom home redesign, they usually already have a few pain points in mind: The need for more space, more storage; the need for additional bathrooms; the need for a more open floor plan. When new clients bring these concerns to the table, we always see them as an opportunity rather than a challenge— an opportunity to deliver our clients their dream home, and really exercise our design expertise in order to make it happen.

The new design had to fit within the existing footprint while ticking all the boxes. The homeowners needed maximal storage, plenty of space for a free-standing bathtub and a large shower, and necessary accommodations for the height difference between the husband and wife. The homeowners also wanted to brighten up the space and create a light, open feel.

Our designers knew right away there would be some obstacles with the provided space. The clients expressed concerns about the lack of lighting, as the home’s north-facing window only allowed for sunlight in the late afternoon. Our workaround: A variety of lighting sources to help illuminate the space. A drum light in the center of the room provides the main source of light, while sconces flank the mirror to provide bright reflection for morning routines.

To achieve their vision of spaciousness, Design Studio integrated floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to create the feeling of height and create storage; designed a free-floating vanity to lighten up the space; and installed custom cabinetry in a light gray tone with plenty of storage space. Built-in storage options also included special rollout trays for organization.

The space is grounded with light colors, including a soft-green ceramic tile shower floor, gray walls and floors and custom grey stained cabinets. The more contemporary materials used —tile, tub, shower door, fixtures— are low-maintenance but stylish, and the overall color palette is calm, quiet and relaxing, eliminating that bulky retro 1990’s aesthetic. Most importantly, the light and accessible color palette won’t become dated in the next few years, and the couple will be able to enjoy this space comfortably for years to come.


Just a few short months ago, Design Studio Interior Solutions owner Judy Goldman found herself facing a question many successful business owners do: The demand for their services was far exceeding their capacity for growth.

In just 2 short years, Judy has transformed her local, Boulder-based interior design company into a nationally known brand, completing projects across the country from California to New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Ohio, and Washington state, to name a few. As a result, their former— and much cozier— space located in Niwot, Colorado, was not permitting the team to work to their highest capacity.

The space, though adequate, didn’t allow the designers to comfortably meet with clients, explore fabric, furniture and finishes, and preview their projects.

Understanding that these limitations would only be solved with a larger space, Judy set out to create an environment that provided plenty of room for the clients, as well as the designers.

The solution: A Boulder-based, 6,000 square foot design center with soaring ceilings, ample space to showcase fabric, finishes, furniture and fixtures, that also acts as a testing ground for the firm’s commercial design department.

The Vision for a New Design Studio Interior Solutions Headquarters

The task of creating a new interior design headquarters from scratch took a lot of vision. The cavernous space was effectively a raw warehouse shell with concrete floors and soaring industrial ceilings.

“From the moment my design team saw the raw space, they became excited at the prospect of finally having breathing room,” says Goldman. “We decided to make this a team project, so everyone had an opportunity to contribute their ideas.”

The challenge of turning the old warehouse into a warm and inviting design headquarters was thrilling to the designers who had an opportunity to use their skills in creative problem solving and space planning.

Each aspect of the design is deliberate, and every nook and corner of the center is a display showcasing products, design concepts, color palettes and space planning solutions for both commercial and residential clients.

From the enclosed offices and the spacious conference rooms, to the thoughtfully crafted kitchen, every area of the headquarters is a representation of the design team, and a reflection of Design Studio’s technical expertise.

A Dynamic Design Hub

The new space has also become a hub of productivity, thanks to thoughtfully incorporated Dirtt systems including pre-fabricated walls, and embedded technology like televisions that vanish behind glass whiteboards. Each conference room features a selection of white boards, push pin walls, and large spacious conference tables.

“Each of these elements increases productivity, but also becomes a launch pad for creative ideas. There is something powerful about putting ideas on display. Collaboration becomes seamless, we get next level design solutions, and the team can push each other’s creative boundaries,” says Goldman.

A Bright, Bold, Beautiful Future

Since the opening of the new space, Judy sees an even brighter and bolder future on Design Studio’s horizon. With ample space to learn, interact, and grow together, Judy envisions creating an environment for her designers that fosters a sense of community, and pushes them to provide extraordinary service to clients.

What’s next for Design Studio? Aside from tackling a full roster of Summer projects, Judy plans to open the design headquarters for public events and education classes on everything from selecting paint colors and tile, to understanding how furniture is designed and made. Proceeds from these classes will be going to deserving local charities.

“One of our core principles is giving back,” notes Goldman, who is a supporter of the arts and culture including Boulder Symphony, Colorado Ballet and the CU Performing Arts. “It’s our way of thanking this community for supporting us.”

What is Judy’s favorite part of the new space? Simply walking around, soaking it all in, and watching the designers create their magic. “It truly lights me up to watch this powerful team collaborate, design and engage. They are some of the most talented designers in the country, and I’m thrilled to give them an environment where they can thrive.”

Visit the new Design Studio Interior Solutions design center today to see the team in-action for yourself. The new headquarters, situated off of bustling Spine Road in Gunbarrel, just a short 10 minute drive from downtown Boulder.

Design Studio Interior Solutions
Our design center is located in Boulder, Colorado.
5400 Spine Rd Suite A, Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 652-1727