Boulder County Behind the Scenes: Art Movement

Art Movement Colorado

Art industry veterans, Trudi Horowitz and Susan Knickle founded Art Movement Colorado with the mission of providing high-level contemporary artwork and sculpture to private collectors and public corporations.

By understanding the design needs of an environment, they personally curate pieces to complement commercial spaces, improve private collections, and build stronger brands for corporations. Their new space located at 3633 Hazelwood Ct, is part art gallery, part consulting business. We at Design Studio Interior Solutions are proud to work with the creative minds behind this undertaking of artistic entrepreneurship and love the way their contemporary pieces bring new layers of meaning to any space.

Boulder: Uniquely Inspirational

For the two curators, Boulder is more than a place to live. It represents a work of art all its own with a truly unique and eclectic style. Trudi and Susan have called Boulder home since the 70s, and have seen the town grow and develop its own distinct character. From hidden restaurant gems to trendy boutiques and retailers, Boulder is a constantly changing source of inspiration for them, a unique source of creativity that’s as uncommon as it is addictive. Below, we interviewed the duo about what they love best about the bustling city Art Movement calls home and which things about Boulder inspire them from day to day.

What is your favorite part of having a business in Boulder?
We love having a business in Boulder because this city offers such a creative environment, inspiring and supportive! It feels comfortable and energizing simultaneously.

Are you a Boulder/local resident? What do you love about living where you live?
We have lived in Boulder since 1975 and 1977 respectively. It was considerably smaller then! We love living here because of Boulder’s breathtaking beauty and its’ intellect as well as the creative residents who make up the town.

How does Boulder differ from other cities in Colorado?
It is a very diverse community. Educators, artists, and scientists from all over the world live here.

What are your favorite local shops and boutiques in Boulder?
Most certainly, Todd Reed is our favorite jewelry store! Cured for delicacies, Violette, Max and Weekends for clothing, the Boulder Wine Merchant, and Frasca and The Med for food…

Where do you look for inspiration?
We look at the environment of course and are hugely inspired by the artists we represent.

Where are art and design most prevalent in your business? Product design, interior aesthetic, graphic design, etc.?
Art and design IS our business. We represent 25 local, regional and nationally acclaimed artists and sculptors. Their work and putting it in the public eye is what we do best.

What restaurant do you think is the best-kept secret in town?Emerson.

Do you think there is a distinct Boulder style? If so, how would you describe it?
Boulder style is eclectic…Combine jeans, an oversized Gucci cashmere sweater, Jimmy Choo stilettos, a funky scarf from a flea market in Paris and a locally made hobo bag, topped with a hat from Goorin and you’ve pretty much got the look!

How do you think Boulder will change in the next 5 years?
Hopefully, Boulder will continue to be the wonderful city that it has always been…but with more people!