Somerset Meadows

For an expansive, new construction home, the homeowner reached out to Boulder’s premier interior design firm, Design Studio, for window treatments for every room. As they selected motorized shades and cornice boxes, a relationship and collaboration bloomed between the client and our Executive Director of Design. Animated conversations about how our client wanted to live in her home, how she could use the furniture that she already owned, and what she could add to make her home feel elegant, pulled together and ready for entertaining. This fun and playful collaboration led to sophisticated and stylish choices of wallpaper, custom furniture, lighting, accessories and artwork. The result is a bold palette of black, cream, emerald green, animal prints and metallics that feels both serene and glamorous – the perfect place to relax and sip a glass of champagne!

Window Treatments for a View

Our initial contact with this client was a call for assistance with window treatments. She needed privacy and protection from the brilliant Colorado sunshine. Her request was complicated by a variety of window shapes – rectangular, sliding doors, and large, curved frames – which made it difficult to choose the best solutions. Our Boulder interior design firm’s Executive Director of Design, Candace Donnell, guided her to motorized shades from Lutron Technology to combat the sun and address privacy. These shades are effective and can be programmed according to the user’s desires throughout the day and night. Cornice boxes with custom draperies and custom curved curtain rods followed in neutral shades of beige and cream that struck the right balance of easy and elegant.

Making the Perfect Entrance

The entrance hall called out for a chic spot to sit down and a major piece of wall art.  Candace, an expert in our Boulder interior design firm, created a custom bench using three different prints – all with that magic touch of tangerine.  But the wall art took a bit of thought.  Our client looked at paintings, photographs, wall hangings, but nothing quite captured the sense of allure and excitement that she wanted to introduce upon entering.  Then Candace found this vintage poster with the right scale, sense of fun, and perfect colorway.  The black frame with a subtle gold fillet enhanced the print like a piece of jewelry.  The stage was set for the perfect entrance!


A Wallpaper for Every Mood

New construction homes offer so many joys – fresh, modern, convenient – but can feel a little impersonal at the beginning. Our client wanted to have a bit of fun when she put her own stamp on her new space. Candace suggested wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper! Wallpaper has made a comeback. With a dazzling array of colors, styles, textures and moods, wallpaper can transform a space overnight. In keeping with her desire for sophisticated, pulled together and a little glamorous, Candace suggested animals prints for the sitting room and master bath suite and a metallic cork paper for the dining area that is a perfect companion for candlelight. Our client could not choose between two animal stripes for the master bath suite – so we used both papers, one in the main room and one in the water closet for a daring, visual surprise!