Mercer hero image

Mercer Global Advisors came to us with a clear vision in mind: expand nationally and rebrand. The main priority was to develop a cohesive, memorable experience branch to branch. The design concept began with creating a foundation that could be easily tailored to each branch. We updated the already existing blue color pallette and modernized the branding through custom signage, wall graphics, and a shiny new logo.


Open offices are the future of the work environment, however, they do pose some issues and this project was no exception. We sourced acoustical products through a company called BuzziSpace to meet our needs. BuzziCubes and BuzziBlinds were used throughout the space to absorb sound, provide privacy, and also doubled as seating in the reception area. They also come in a variety of fun colors and textures. Link to their website:

Branding Through Design

The implementation of branding through the interiors is present as soon as you walk through the door. The custom signage sets the tone of sophistication for the rest of this office. Each element had to be in line with the design concept, from the custom book sets down to the cocktail napkins.