Laundry Room remodel

Our client loves shades of navy, indigo and brick red. Her living room, dining room, and family room all feature these vibrant colors- but the laundry room and utility bathroom were drab by comparison. She wanted to refresh both spaces and have them connect to the rest of the home.

When Our Team ‘Gets’ You.

Design Studio’s Senior VP of Design, Candace Donnell, had worked with this client for several years and was familiar with her taste and style. Candace suggested the navy, red, and white floor tiles as a way to add color, texture and punch to both rooms. The tile is a perfect material for a laundry room and it set the tone for the rest of the selections.

Laundry Room remodel
Bold and unique floor tile | Laundry Room remodel
Highlands Bathroom

Bold Results.

Our client is delighted with the finished look and so are we!