Four Mile Creek

The Four Mile Creek project started in the Spring of 2020, after most people had been quarantined in their homes for two months. Two months of looking at their old carpet, light fixtures and furniture were enough to spark these homeowners to call us. Seeking “fresh, light and fun”, while a family a five lived and worked at home, was a challenge for everyone involved. Good natured cooperation and sunny Colorado weather were key to moving the project forward.

Fresh, Light, and Fun.

Our team began with an inviting neutral paint and carpet to create a clean canvas for the colorful decor scheme. A bright orange sofa from James by Jimmy DeLaurentis selected from our showroom, a chocolate brown side chair from the Design Studio Luxury Collection and a mixed metal lighting fixtures for the entry hall, dining area and kitchen were the right choices for these eclectic and bold homeowners.

Dakota Ridge 11

A Spa at Home

With all these cheerful new furnishings in place our homeowners asked us to take a long, hard look at their primary bathroom. Thinking ahead for resale, they wanted a room that was contemporary, neutral and full of storage. A free-standing soaking tub with an absolute must. Working with two of our favorite tile lines, our team developed a spa-like bathroom with plenty of storage for towels, toiletries and supplies. Our client loves her soaking tub but both team and client agree that the sliced pebbles on the shower floor are the star of the show.

Dakota Ridge 11