Mariana Butte

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Nestled on the Mariana Butte golf course, this new build home was a blank canvas, fit for a fresh and modern design. The new owners just welcomed their third bundle of joy and wanted a completely new atmosphere to raise their family of five. Aside from a few kids’ toys and the essential pots and pans, this home called for area rugs, window treatments, and everything in between. After meeting with our design team, one thing became very clear for the design palette, it must include pink!

We don’t often get requests for pink to be included in our designs, so this was an exciting launching point for our team. The client’s vision included a crisp, neutral backdrop and emphasis on natural materials and textures paired with vibrant, concentrated pops of color. Unique furniture shapes and an intentional ignorance of any specific style allowed our team to produce an eclectic furniture scheme that is completely client-centric.

We sourced natural hair on hide area rugs, a few wood accent pieces, and some natural stone textures and patterns to ground the bold, velvet chairs and high gloss acrylic furniture. The melding of these contrasting styles created an exciting experience fit for this young, energetic couple.

Wall Coverings for Any Mood

Wallpaper is back and it’s not your grandma’s floral and paisley patterns anymore. The clients were very enthusiastic about the thought of using wallpaper in their new home. We decided to incorporate wallpaper in three rooms: the powder bath, the home office, and the nursery.

Powder Bathroom

The powder bathroom was the most challenging room to select a Boulder area wallpaper design because of the existing floor tile but also the perfect opportunity to pack a punch of style. The flooring is an encaustic-look patterned tile that could feel very farmhouse style if we weren’t careful. The existing vanity had medium grey shaker-style cabinetry and black sparkly quartz countertops. Ultimately, we landed on a black Thibaut paper with a metallic gold linear pattern to blend with the geometric patterned floor. To further mix these two patterns, our team selected a gold vanity mirror for this bathroom renovation that mimics the pattern in the flooring. The result is simply striking.

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Home Office

In the office, our focus was to keep this as light and airy as possible. Of course, we also had to maintain the high-style seen throughout the rest of the home to ensure cohesion. After endless searching, we selected a cork textured wallpaper in white with silver metallic accents. The minimal-contrast, earthy pattern kept a bright, clean look while the metallic silver allowed for a shimmer that enhanced the modern furniture.

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Our favorite Boulder area wallpaper design in this home is featured in the nursery. From Cole and Sons, this Woods and Stars paper in navy and metallic gold created a cozy, soft backdrop fit for a growing imagination. Not only was this paper perfect for the overall nature-inspired vision for the design, but it is a foundation for their son to grow with for years to come. We chose gold and white for the furnishings to accent the paper and uphold their desire for vibrant pops of color.

3D Visualization

Utilizing 3D modeling as a visualization tool is essential, especially for projects that have us impatiently anticipating the final result. When the concept is invigorating, the design becomes all-consuming. Creating a 3D rendering for our designs also ensures that we get every detail just right. It is always rewarding to see the side-by-side comparison of digital and reality.