Denver Post: Refresh, Renew: Pandemic provides homeowners with an opportunity, but also headaches, while remodeling those cramped living spaces

Stuck day and night in homes that feel too cramped or outdated, and with the options to escape to something better increasingly limited, a growing number of homeowners across metro Denver and the state are spending large amounts to renovate and remodel.

“When COVID hit, our home became our offices overnight, it became a school. We moved our father-in-law in because we didn’t feel safe with him living where he was,” Gina Earles, executive director of Blue Sky Ridge, a non-profit that oversees child advocacy programs in Boulder County.

With five people crowded full time into the confines of the family’s north Boulder home, every bit of space became important in a way it wasn’t before, she said. Defects that family once tolerated became grating.

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